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Unveiling the Power of Brand Archetypes: A Guide for Visionary Entrepreneurs

different icons of that represent the 12 brand archetypes

Welcome, Muses! Today, we're embarking on a magical journey into the heart of brand archetypes. Imagine each brand as a character in your favorite story, each with its own distinct personality and charm. These archetypes aren't just about branding; they're about weaving a connection that touches the soul of your audience. Together, let's uncover the essence of these archetypes and how they breathe life into your business story.

What is a Brand Archetype?

A brand archetype is like the soul of your brand, a framework that captures its spirit and essence. Rooted in Carl Jung's theory of psychological archetypes, it's a compass that guides your brand's identity, voice, and narrative. There are 12 primary archetypes, each a unique character with its own set of traits and values.

the 12 brand archetypes wheel

1. The Innocent

Example: Dove

The Innocent archetype is all about purity, simplicity, and optimism. Brands like Dove focus on simplicity and use a sincere, wholesome approach in their marketing.

Marketing Tip: Emphasize simplicity and sincerity in your messaging. Use clean, minimalistic designs on your website.

2. The Sage

Example: Google

The Sage seeks knowledge and truth. Google, for instance, provides information and answers, positioning itself as a knowledgeable guide.

Marketing Tip: Offer valuable content and educational resources. Focus on establishing your brand as a thought leader.

3. The Explorer

Example: Patagonia

Explorers are adventurous and love the thrill of discovery. Patagonia inspires its audience to explore the outdoors.

Marketing Tip: Encourage adventure and freedom in your branding. Use imagery that evokes exploration and discovery.

4. The Ruler

Example: Mercedes-Benz

The Ruler archetype exudes control, power, and leadership. Mercedes-Benz, for example, symbolizes luxury and authority.

Marketing Tip: Position your brand as a leader. Use a sophisticated and elegant design for your website and branding materials.

5. The Creator

Example: LEGO

Creators are imaginative and innovative. LEGO inspires creativity through its products.

Marketing Tip: Foster imagination and innovation in your marketing. Showcase your brand's creative process.

6. The Caregiver

Example: Johnson & Johnson

Caregivers are nurturing and compassionate. Johnson & Johnson's branding revolves around caring for families.

Marketing Tip: Highlight empathy and care in your messaging. Use warm, comforting colors and imagery.

7. The Magician

Example: Disney

The Magician archetype is all about enchantment and transformation. Disney creates magical experiences for its audience.

Marketing Tip: Create a sense of wonder in your branding. Use storytelling to captivate your audience.

8. The Hero

Example: Nike

Heroes are courageous and inspirational. Nike's messaging often revolves around overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness.

Marketing Tip: Inspire action and resilience. Use motivational language and imagery.

9. The Outlaw

Example: Harley-Davidson

Outlaws challenge the status quo and embrace freedom. Harley-Davidson represents rebellion and liberation.

Marketing Tip: Be bold in your branding. Use edgy designs and language that challenge conventional norms.

10. The Lover

Example: Victoria's Secret

The Lover archetype is passionate and sensual. Victoria's Secret creates an aura of romance and allure.

Marketing Tip: Use imagery and language that evoke emotion and connection. Focus on creating an intimate brand experience.

11. The Jester

Example: Old Spice

Jesters are fun, humorous, and light-hearted. Old Spice uses humor in its marketing to engage its audience.

Marketing Tip: Incorporate humor and playfulness in your branding. Keep the tone light and engaging.

12. The Everyman

Example: IKEA

The Everyman archetype is down-to-earth and relatable. IKEA focuses on practicality and accessibility.

Marketing Tip: Be approachable in your messaging. Use simple, clear language and practical solutions.

Discovering your brand's archetype is like finding the key to a secret garden – it unlocks a world of possibilities. As we explore these archetypes, think about which one dances in harmony with your brand's heartbeat. Remember, every brand has a story as unique as you are, and embracing its archetype is not just about branding; it's about starting every week, every Monday, with a tale that's waiting to be told. Let's make each story, each brand, a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the magic within.


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