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10 of The Best Wix Website Templates for Every Business Website

Wix makes the journey to a stunning website more accessible with its user-friendly interface and versatile drag-and-drop functionality. However, even with these tools at your disposal, launching your site involves pivotal decisions right from the start, and it all begins with selecting the perfect template.

Whether you’re launching a fresh brand or giving your current site a makeover, I’ve got you covered with some of the best Wix website templates for every business from Monday’s Muse. From sleek and professional to bold and luxurious, each template is designed with a specific service-based business in mind, ensuring that whatever your niche, there’s something here for every vibe. Sifting through options can be overwhelming, but with our curated selection, you’ll find that making your site both functional and fabulous is easier than ever.

Let’s dive into these templates and discover how they can elevate your brand and resonate deeply with your ideal clients.

1. Mona – The Minimalist Maven (Coaches & Consultants)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for coaches by Monday's Muse

Perfect for the no-fuss entrepreneur who loves clean lines and a crisp aesthetic. Mona is all about making a big impact with minimal effort. Think of it as the 'little black dress' of website templates—timeless, versatile, and stunningly effective.

2. Scarlett – The Bold Innovator (Podcasts)

An macbook mockup of a wix website template for podcasts by Monday's Muse

Scarlett is tailor-made for podcasters ready to amplify their voice. With its vibrant colors and dynamic layouts, this template makes sure your podcast stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

3. Naomi – The Chic Professional (Service-Based Businesses)
An ipad mockup of a wix website template for coaches by Monday's Muse

Elegant and sophisticated, Naomi brings a touch of luxury to any brand’s digital doorstep. Ideal for consultants, coaches, and professionals who want a site that speaks with poise and professionalism.

4. Mariah – The Visual Storyteller (Influencers & YouTube Podcasts)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for podcasts and influencers by Monday's Muse

Designed for the kings and queens of content creation, Mariah uses image-heavy layouts to put your personality front and center. Ideal for influencers and podcasters who want to engage their audience with visuals and stories.

5. Sophia – The Trendsetter (Luxury Photographers)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for photographers by Monday's Muse

Sophia is a dream for photographers who want their online space to reflect their artistic flair. With its luxurious design, this template keeps your portfolio elegant and engaging.

6. Shai – The Pink Powerhouse (Beauty Professionals)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for service providers and beauty pros by Monday's Muse

Shai is the epitome of trendy and girly, decked out in shades of pink that make every click feel like a celebration of femininity. With its playful yet professional design, this template is perfect for beauty professionals who want to showcase their services in a space that's as stylish and vibrant as the trends they set.

7. Maya – The Vibrant Visionary (Coaches & Service-Based Providers)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for coaches by Monday's Muse

Maya bridges the gap between fun and luxury with bright pops of pink and orange. It’s perfect for coaches and service providers who want their website to burst with energy and enthusiasm.

8. Jade – The Corporate Chic (Agencies)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for service providers and agencies by Monday's Muse

Jade offers a luxury, corporate feel with its sleek, clean, and minimal design. Black and white with red accents, this template is ideal for agencies looking to project authority and sophistication.

9. Jade – The Corporate Chic (Agencies)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for coaches by Monday's Muse

Josie combines the timeless elegance of black and white with playful pink accents, creating a luxurious yet approachable atmosphere. This template is perfect for high-end brands and service providers aiming to convey sophistication with a touch of modern chic.

10. Tyra – The Property Pro (Realtors)

A macbook mockup of a wix website template for realtors by Monday's Muse

Tyra is built for the dynamic world of real estate, offering realtors a sleek, professional edge. With a clean layout and high-impact visuals, this template helps showcase properties in their best light. It’s designed to keep potential clients engaged and moving smoothly towards booking appointments and viewing listings, making it an indispensable tool for today’s real estate professionals.

Each of these templates is not just a layout; they’re a great head start for your website’s next chapter. They’re fully customizable, so you can tweak them to perfection. Here’s why starting with a Monday’s Muse template for your Wix site is a smart move over building from scratch:

  • Efficiency: Save time and effort with a pre-designed framework that covers all the essentials of a professional website.

  • Cost-Effective: Reduce the costs associated with custom website design. Our templates provide a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

  • Proven Layouts: Each template is crafted with user experience in mind, ensuring that your site is not only beautiful but also functional and easy to navigate.

  • Customization: While each template is tailored to a specific niche, the real beauty lies in how you can personalize it. With our easy-to-use editing tools, you can adjust every element to match your unique style and business needs.

Whether you’re a realtor, a beauty professional, or a luxury brand, the flexibility of these templates means that you can mold them to perfectly align with your vision and the specific needs of your industry. Starting with one of our expertly designed templates, you can launch a website that not only looks professionally crafted but also feels uniquely yours.

To explore these templates and see how they can transform your business, slide over to Monday’s Muse Wix Website Templates and pick your perfect match. Your brand isn’t just another face in the crowd—let’s make sure the world sees it shine.


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