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There's an electrifying space where music and mentorship converge, and that's where you'll find Cecily Dionne. A musician and creative mentor, Cecily lights up her space in the industry with her unique flair. When she came to Monday's Muse, she wanted a website that would be as edgy and colorful as she is. The task was clear: craft a digital space that resonates with her vibe while being both functional and visually appealing.






Cecily Dionne is not just another artist; she's a creative powerhouse who mentors aspiring musicians. She needed a website that does double duty—showcasing her own music and services while also providing a platform for her mentorship program. The challenge was to harmonize these different aspects into a cohesive brand experience. Cecily was after something that felt both edgy and colorful, a mirror to her artistic and mentoring pursuits.


We took that challenge head-on and created a site as dynamic as Cecily herself. The design is an intersection of bold colors and unconventional layouts, providing a unique user experience that leaves a lasting impression. And the best part? Cecily felt seen. Her reaction was heartfelt, expressing deep gratitude that her vision had been brought to life. It's a project I’m particularly proud of and a vivid example of what we aim to do here at Monday's Muse: crafting iconic brands that ignite emotion.

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